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Central Kenya 25th September 2019

Coffee from Meru County and Muranga of AA and AB grade, scores ranging from 84 to 87.

Lots from:

  • Nthungu 
  • Soymingin Society
  • Kahuro
  • Tugua
  • Gakurari
  • Mutethia
  • Gituto Society
  • Nduguto
  • Kiaumbui
  • Mbaranga

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FreshDay strives to promote development of global coffee trade by bringing efficiencies across the supply chain of international markets whilst facilitating trade through emerging technologies like blockchain.

Our Vision

To be a revolutionary, interactive, transparent and mutually beneficial global online marketplace enabling wholesalers, retailers and growers to trade in a facilitated decentralised environment. 

We also plan to source coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and rapidly spreading to Madagascar, Cote D'ivoire, Cameroon, Angola, Senegal, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria and Eritrea.

We represent high quality farms with score of 88+. The samples that will be dispatched would represent lots that form part of our amazing auction cataloque.

We will announce auction dates in due course. Samples will be sent out in advance so you can cup the coffee and confirm the quality yourself.

Please join in making FreshDay your choice of coffee.

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Green Coffee Trading

Online coffee auctions exemplify an ever-growing way for farmers to sell their coffee to a wider global audience. Some of the best coffee around the world at the moment, is sold through online auctions.

With the experience our team has in the coffee market and partnering with an industry-leading platform we provide, you won't find anywhere quite as easy to buy coffee as it is here.

Coming soon - Groceries, Fresh Flowers, Meat and Seafood

FreshDay will provide an effective supply chain for the groceries, fresh flowers, meat and seafood industry through using our innovative platform linking buyers and producers directly. Our aim is to reduce wastage, improve producer earnings by increasing traceability and accountability for all processes along the supply chain.